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  "[In response to a support question] that worked great! Thanks for the quick response....what a pleasure compared to most software vendors!!"
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Here are some of the high performance features and techniques of aspNetDns.

Querying DNS servers is a complicated process. aspNetDns does this effortlessly and easily, allowing you to perform complex tasks with minimal effort. From Reverse Lookups, to Host Information, from Start of Authority (SOA) records, to Well Known Services records, you won't find a more complete DNS component available on the market today.

Fail Over DNS Servers
aspNetDns has the capability to fail over to responding DNS servers, to responding DNS servers. By default aspNetDns checks your system for your primary DNS server. As a benefit, you can specify specific DNS Servers in the form of a comma-delimited string. aspNetDns will attempt to connect to each one, until a successful connection is made, and then use the first responsive DNS Server for the remainder of the aspNetDns session.

Do you have a fast network connection? Do you have a slow network connection? With aspNetDns you can tailor your timeout session, down to the millisecond.

More Records than any other DNS Component
aspNetDns is the most feature rich component available on the market today. It goes well beyond the standard records defined by RFC 1035 that most 3rd party component stop at. aspNetDns supports records from RFC's 1035, 1183, 1886, and 2052. Here is brief listing of supported DNS Record Classes.

  • AAAA (IPv6) Record
  • Address Record
  • Canonical Name (CName) Records
  • Host Information Records
  • ISDN Records
  • MailBox (MB) Records
  • MailBox Rename (MR) Records
  • Mail Destination Records
  • Mail Exchange (MX) Records
  • Mail Forwarder Records
  • Mail Group Records
  • Mail Information Records
  • Name Server (NS) Records
  • NULL Records
  • Pointer (Reverse Lookup) Records
  • Responsible Person (RP) Records
  • Route Through (RT) Records
  • Start Of Authority (SOA) Records
  • Service (SRV) Records
  • Text (TXT) Records
  • Well Known Services (WKS) Records
  • X25 Records

Along with the most complete set of supported DNS Records, aspNetDns also provides to following features and functionality:

  • Fail Over DNS Servers
  • Dns Server TimeOut
  • Retrieve Local System Dns Servers
  • 100% Managed Code, written in C#.
  • Complete examples, both in VB and C#
  • Complete Winform examples, and ASP.NET examples
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Callback methods provided for all classes.

Synchronous and Asynchronous blocking calls
aspNetDns allows you to call and query every record either synchronously or asynchronously. Both of these techniques are used effortlessly and easily.


Want to compare System.Net.Dns to aspNetDns? Here is an easy to read table listing the features of both.




Pointer (Reverse) lookups

The ability to map IP addresses to names (RFC 1035)


Address Record Lookups

The ability to map a Host Name to an IP Address (RFC 1035)


AAAA (IPv6) Lookups

Lookup IPv6 Records (RFC 1886)

no YES

Name Server (NS) Lookups

Lookup Name Servers for a specific domain (RFC 1035).

no YES

Mail Destination (MD) Lookups

Lookup Mail Destination records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Mail Forwarder (MF) Lookups

Lookup Mail Forwarder records (RFC1035)

no YES

Canonical (CName) Name Lookups

Lookup alias name records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Start of Authority (SOA) Lookups

Lookup the Start of Authority records (RFC 1035).

no YES

MailBox Domain (MB) Lookups

Lookup the Mailbox for a given Domain (RFC 1035)

no YES

Mail Group (MG) Lookups

Lookup Mail Group records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Mail Rename (MR) Lookups

Lookup the Mail Renamed records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Null Record (NULL) Lookups

Lookup Null records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Well Known Services (WKS) Lookups

Lookup Well Known Services records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Host Information (HInfo) Lookups

Lookup Host Information records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Mail Information (MInfo) Lookups

Mailbox or Mail list information records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Mail Exchange (MX) Lookups

Lookup Mail Exchange records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Text (TXT) Lookups

Lookup Text records (RFC 1035)

no YES

Responsible Person (RP) Lookups

The ability to lookup Responsible Person records for a domain (RFC 1183)

no YES

AFS Database (AFSDB) Lookups

Lookup Andrew File System Database records (RFC 1183)

no YES

X25 Lookups

Lookup Public Switched Data Networks (RFC 1183)

no YES

Service (SRV) Lookups

Lookup Service Location records (RFC 2052)

no YES

ALL Lookups

Lookup all records for a given domain (RFC 1035).

no YES

The box is not shipped. aspNetDns is a downloadable product.